all the words I couldn't say

08:34 mins; 2021. A film poem in four parts.

Official Selection, 2021, Berlin International Art Film Festival, monthly edition.

Official Selection 2021, Montreal Independent Film Festival, seasonal edition

Official Selection 2021, Toronto International Women's Festival, monthly edition.

all the words I couldn’t say offers a hypnotic reading of “It’s Strange,”

a poem by the internationally acclaimed, feminist Québecois poet, Nicole Brossard. An abstract, unsettling dreamscape of moving light and shadow is the background for Brossard’s powerful warning poem about the state of our humanity.


film poem

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warmups for body vocality

14:45 mins; 2021. A video performance, in four parts.

Selected for SLANT Event's Writing Bodies, 2021.

How can language move through my body, when my experience of my body is one of disembodiment, and my experience of speaking one of silence? 


Just as bodies are marked by external injuries (accidents, bone breaks, disease), the body is also marked by internal injuries, in my case, a series of gender-related traumas I experienced as a child and adult. One of my responses to trauma has been recurring selective mutism – an anxiety disorder characterized by an inability to speak.


In UNMUTE, I create a playful, performative space for my trauma body to speak its experiences and create its own gestural vocabulary.

light passages
a film poem

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move closer
stills from half-hour drama

Actor Rob Roy

Actress Andrea Mendard

Actress Christine MacInnis

Actor Michael Kovalik as the Virgin Mary in Move Closer a film by Diana Hope Tegenkamp

Actor Stephen Huszar

Actor Michael Kovalik

Invitation to premiere of Move Closer a film by Diana Hope Tegenkamp

Art gallery scene, shot on location at the Delta Bessborough.