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Instagram Studio

all the words I couldn't say.

A series of trailers for the  8-minute film poem based on the poem, "It's Strange," by the incomparable poet-novelist-essayist Nicole Brossard. The film poem is an Official Selection for the 2021 Montreal Independent Film Festival.

UNMUTE: Warmups for body vocality.

A series of trailers for the 15-minute video performance piece, screens as part of SLANT EVENT's Writing Bodies, exploring these questions: 

How can language move through my body, when my experience of my body, due to trauma, is one of disembodiment and disassociation? How can my body move through language, how can my text-body enact storying - when my predominant experience of speaking is one of silence, one of muteness?

zinnia dolorosa

A series of 15-second pieces intentionally working within the Instagram story time limitations.


A new body of work, in-process (image, text, vocal, film poem), instigated by my new life as a garden keeper and caring for zinnias that vocalize with “mute eloquence” like divas in a silent Italian melodrama.

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